When Life Gives You a Duplicate, Give One Away

When Life Gives You a Duplicate, Give One Away

I finally broke down and did it. After two years of having an empty DVD case of one of my all-time favorite movies, I decided to quit being cheap and just replace it. Less than 24 hours later—without even looking for it—I found the missing DVD inside the case of a different movie, one that we obviously also hadn’t watched for a couple years. Grrr…ten bucks down the drain. Or not. I could choose a different perspective and think of this as an opportunity to be nice to someone and give them the duplicate so they, too, can enjoy one of the cutest, romantic, enjoyable movies around (It doesn’t matter what movie I’m referring to) (Okay, okay! Disney’s “Enchanted”) (Stop laughing).

I lost count of how many times something like this has happened. Does it happen to you too? You find some odd part lying around the house or in a drawer. It’s been there so long that you can’t even imagine what it goes to; but, you hang onto it anyway, just in case. Finally, during a rash and rare organization frenzy you get rid of the stupid thing, feeling relieved to have one less piece of clutter and proud of yourself for steering free and clear of becoming a hoarder. Then the unthinkable happens; you find the object to which the item belonged and end up having to throw it away because it has now been rendered useless. Erg!

2014-10-23 10.37.07

I don’t know what this thing is;

but as soon as I throw it away I’ll find out it was a necessary do-hicky that went to our thingamajig.

Or you throw away a receipt or purchase agreement that’s already eight years old and you don’t even own the merchandise anymore. You finally decide to get rid of it. Two days later you get a notice in the mail informing you of a class-action lawsuit against the company you bought the product or service from and you can collect your $500 after showing proof of purchase. Although, it seems that more often than not you get a notice saying that by participating in the lawsuit you’ll get $1.24 after mailing a signed statement that you cost 75-cents in postage. Oh well. Whattayado?

I guess what it comes down to is this: deciding whether you’d rather put up with physical clutter or endure mental clutter. If you have so much stuff on your desk, in drawers, boxes, and in closets that you feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of sorting and organizing, then it’s time to go through a calculated purge. Don’t “go crazy” and throw things away that you later regret getting rid of. Instead, sit down with your spouse or a good friend who can “hold your hand” through the process and help you to be objective as you decide what to keep and what to toss.

There’s a difference between keeping this:

Cluttered desk

and keeping this:


Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have duplicates or things in good condition that you haven’t used in months or years, consider giving them to someone in need or donate them to an organization like the Salvation Army (Good Will, Big Brothers & Sisters, etc.). If you’ve been blessed with abundance, share it with others!

Maybe I should hang onto my new copy of Enchanted, just in case the first one gets scratched…