Kids heading back to school? Feeling the pinch—financial and time constraints—already? Take a deep breath and count to ten. You’ll be all right. Here are some tips to help you transition to the routine after summer break. 1) Hold a family meeting to discuss schedules. This is especially important if you have several children and they attend different schools (elementary, middle, and/or high school). Set a time that everyone agrees to for being outside to catch the school bus orRead More →

If you shop at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Whole Foods Market you’ve seen the road shows. A microphoned voice floats through the store with the whirring of a motor serenading it in the background. You see a small crowd gathered around a booth and shoppers walking away with smiles on their faces and berry-colored moustaches above their lips. Curious, you peek over the shoulders of stragglers asking questions and see a variety of fruits, vegetables, seasonings, and recipe books onRead More →

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential and important part of our dietary intake. Our bodies do not make this nutrient, so it must be included in the things we eat. It is crucial to our overall health because it keeps our bodies running smoothly. Evidence suggests that a diet rich in omega-3 oils can lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Additionally, omega-3 may slow down the build-up of plaque in the arteries and lower the risk of heart attack. NewerRead More →

A conglomeration of objects piled high in all their glory could refer to a multitude of possibilities. In this case the objects consisted of some electronic parts, a crusty cake pan, a stereo speaker, and a stack of magazines with traces of coffee grounds and ketchup on the edges. As a crown to the monument was crumpled clothes and mismatched shoes that someone threw away; only whoever had gone through their closet forgot to remove a couple of Andrew Jackson’sRead More →

            I did not see the telephone pole coming until it slammed into the front of my car. Actually there was not much damage and it would not have been so bad except for one minor detail; I had just turned sixteen and was taking the driving exam to get my license. I was just trying to impress the test administrator with my amazingly skillful maneuvers while making a U-turn. Somehow the turn was not tight enough and beforeRead More →

You have seen it before; drab wallpaper, bland color scheme, no pictures, atrocious taste in design, illogical layout, and no curb appeal whatsoever. No, I am not referring to the house for sale at the end of the block, although it may be an eyesore and you hope someone with good taste will refurbish it. I am actually referring to the all-too-pervasive uninspiring blog. While a house might take natural skill and talent to give it visual appeal and functionality,Read More →

If you’re new to gardening, you might feel intimidated by all the things you need to know; soil condition, climate, zone, tools, seed varieties, methods, and more. It can be overwhelming to know where or how to begin. Here are some resources:: Contact your local county extension office. Every state has extension offices listed by county. Extension services generally offer gardening tips for your area, as well as classes. Your Local college. Universities and community colleges usually offer classes openRead More →

It’s a wonderful Monday morning! Wonderful because hubby left for work, the kiddos are still asleep, I’ve had my cup of coffee (with whole milk and agave), played a little Castleville to relax my mind, and now I’m ready to dig in to some bon-bons and watch soaps. JUST KIDDING (about the bon-bons and soaps). That’s probably what my husband thinks I do all day, but not so. Today I will be dusting, sweeping, mopping, pulling weeds from the garden,Read More →

I love to eat. Food is a passion, or rather; I should say good food is one of my passions, especially spicy, saucy, gooey dishes. Besides loving to eat, children are my passion! So much so, that I had ten of them; eight boys and two girls. Ahhh, children and chocolate…what a pairing. As you can imagine, robust eating and multiple pregnancies did not do much for my figure. I went from 135 to 190 pounds by the time IRead More →

You’re here because you love being a homemaker. You might have an outside job due to necessity, but your heart is in the home with your family. You know the importance of raising children with special, tender care so they grow into compassionate, productive adults. You don’t look at taking care of your home as a burden, but as a privilege. You actually enjoy doing things for your husband. Imagine that. Maybe you’re a single mom, struggling to juggle familyRead More →