Conquering the Food Cravings Day – part 2

Conquering the Food Cravings Day – part 2

Healthy breakfast, healthy breakfast…I rummage around the pantry for oatmeal. I could make steel cut—my preferred choice—but I’m short on time, so I make Old Fashioned whole oats instead. While that’s on the stove I prepare cappuccino from scratch, grinding my own coffee beans and steaming organic non-homogenized milk. Do I dare use a little half-and-half? I dare. It’s organic, right? That makes it okay. Kinda sorta.

By this time my oatmeal is done cooking. I throw in a handful of frozen blueberries, a couple spoonfuls of raw pecan pieces, and a few raisins. It looks amazing! Unfortunately, it isn’t sweet enough. I reach for some organic powdered stevia. Mmmm, much better.

I drink a small glass of blueberry-ginger kombucha that I picked up at a “booch” store. It helps with the gut flora, or so they say. We wouldn’t want to be without flora in our guts, now would we?

Time to run errands: post office, bank, Walmart, and Costco. I hope to get to Costco while there are still free samples. That will be my lunch. Let’s see, they have samples of protein drink, a breakfast bar, gummy vitamins, veg-straws, mixed nuts, organic sliced turkey and cheese, pizza, cookies & cream yogurt… Great! My afternoon meal is taken care of.

I stroll over to the book section. I love perusing books at Costco, and especially love the discounted prices. Several diet books stand out. I thumb through “Whole30: Food Freedom Forever,” by Melissa Hartwig. It looks promising. Yes, I could see myself following her program; it’s only for 30 days. I can do anything for 30 days. Anything. Except go without cheese. And milk in my coffee. And grains. And sweeteners (including stevia). Then comes the author’s warning (my paraphrase) “If you are not willing to even do the basic modified plan, then put the book down. Stop reading right now.” I decide I’m not yet ready to do something that radical for 30 days. I’m not sure I’m ready to radically limit my diet for 30 hours.

I finish up my business in town and head home. It’s leftover beef stew for dinner; just one helping accompanied by a glass of red wine. Closer to bedtime I feel like having a little something. Just a little something special. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I reach for a couple handfuls of “Skinny Pop Popcorn.” I feel satisfied and content.

Time for bed. I feel good about my day. I didn’t overeat and I made mostly healthy choices. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Great job! One day at a time is the best approach, and it looks as if you’ve adopted it. Enjoy!

  2. One day at a time as they say and don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. It’s all about balance. Congrats.

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