A tragic thing happened after leaving the factory; the Cheesecake Factory, that is. Call it “dumb luck” or “Murphy’s Law,” but the amazing, fluffy, velvety, succulent, delectable, slice of paradise that was smothered with fresh whipped cream as white as the driven snow, and adorned with a miniature slice of lime from the Florida Keys–only mere nano-inches from my mouth–ended up like this: Yes, my carb-and-sugar-starved friends: see it and weep. My son bought me a slice of cheesecake asRead More →

Mothers know how hectic mornings can be; in fact, how crazy it can be anytime you need to get somewhere with the family. Stuff happens. The alarm doesn’t go off, someone can’t find their shoes, you misplaced the car keys, and a dozen other things that tend to keep you from being someplace on time. Yesterday morning was one of those times for me. I overslept and didn’t wake up until 30 minutes before we needed to be at church.Read More →

A conglomeration of objects piled high in all their glory could refer to a multitude of possibilities. In this case the objects consisted of some electronic parts, a crusty cake pan, a stereo speaker, and a stack of magazines with traces of coffee grounds and ketchup on the edges. As a crown to the monument was crumpled clothes and mismatched shoes that someone threw away; only whoever had gone through their closet forgot to remove a couple of Andrew Jackson’sRead More →

You’re here because you love being a homemaker. You might have an outside job due to necessity, but your heart is in the home with your family. You know the importance of raising children with special, tender care so they grow into compassionate, productive adults. You don’t look at taking care of your home as a burden, but as a privilege. You actually enjoy doing things for your husband. Imagine that. Maybe you’re a single mom, struggling to juggle familyRead More →