The following originally appeared as my guest post on Diane Lee’s website (author, writer, blogger) in her series entitled “The Secret Lives of Writers.”           Morning dawns. The robust scent of brewing coffee penetrates the fog of sleep still clouding my mind. Mmmm…coffee. Rolling out of bed with a sigh (I’m not a morning person), I step into my slippers and shuffle down the hall into the kitchen. By the time I’ve poured a steaming cup,Read More →

Did you ever stop to think that every action you perform and every word you say becomes building material?  Every choice we make—good or bad—paves a road that leads either to someplace wonderful or someplace we’d rather not be. Take weight-loss, for example. Let’s say you’re trying to watch what you eat and slim down. You’ve had some success, but then you have company from out of town. They invite you out to eat. You know this will throw youRead More →

Earlier this week I was throwing myself a pity-party. The thing I like about pity parties is that they can be thrown without planning and there’s always yummy food served, like chocolate, ice cream, and high-carb treats you might not otherwise snack on. As an added bonus, you can almost always get sympathy. And, if you’re lucky, a friend will join you (and bring a dessert to share). My pity-party was a result of feeling inadequate for a book challengeRead More →

If you could wave your magic wand and “poof” something in or out of existence in your life, what would it be? No, I’m not talking about a husband, teenager, or mother-in-law! I’m talking about a behavior; a good habit or a bad one. The first thought that comes to mind is probably a pet peeve, like, “I wish my husband would be more (fill in the blank)” or “I wish my child wouldn’t _____.” Maybe if you’re an introspectiveRead More →