If you could wave your magic wand and “poof” something in or out of existence in your life, what would it be? No, I’m not talking about a husband, teenager, or mother-in-law! I’m talking about a behavior; a good habit or a bad one. The first thought that comes to mind is probably a pet peeve, like, “I wish my husband would be more (fill in the blank)” or “I wish my child wouldn’t _____.” Maybe if you’re an introspectiveRead More →

Everyone gets the blues now and then, and more frequently the blahs. When you’re in the same routine day after day, life can seem a bit boring or mundane. This is especially true for stay-at-home moms who are with their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers almost twenty-four-seven. Just about the time you think the little ones are down for a nap and you have a little time to sit down to relax, the doorbell rings or a dog barks and theRead More →

It’s about a month into the school year and you’ve probably gotten into some type of family routine (or not). Some kids may be excited to be back in school, while others are already counting down the days to summer vacation (183, 182, 181…). Either way, homework is often a battlefront for parents, even if their children are good students and like school. Things come up—friends, activities, clubs, sports, church, synagogue, TV—things that grab your children’s attention. Before you knowRead More →

Kids heading back to school? Feeling the pinch—financial and time constraints—already? Take a deep breath and count to ten. You’ll be all right. Here are some tips to help you transition to the routine after summer break. 1) Hold a family meeting to discuss schedules. This is especially important if you have several children and they attend different schools (elementary, middle, and/or high school). Set a time that everyone agrees to for being outside to catch the school bus orRead More →