Each of the children brought me their Christmas wish-lists. The lists varied only slightly; Lego’s, video games, music CDs, candy, and other typical gift requests. Except for one. The first item on this list, in large capital letters, stood out: VACUUM CLEANER. So, we got our five-year-old son a toy vacuum cleaner, which sat unused until we gave it to the Good Will. When his birthday came around he asked for a real vacuum cleaner. Every year his request wasRead More →

If you shop at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Whole Foods Market you’ve seen the road shows. A microphoned voice floats through the store with the whirring of a motor serenading it in the background. You see a small crowd gathered around a booth and shoppers walking away with smiles on their faces and berry-colored moustaches above their lips. Curious, you peek over the shoulders of stragglers asking questions and see a variety of fruits, vegetables, seasonings, and recipe books onRead More →

If you’re new to gardening, you might feel intimidated by all the things you need to know; soil condition, climate, zone, tools, seed varieties, methods, and more. It can be overwhelming to know where or how to begin. Here are some resources:: Contact your local county extension office. Every state has extension offices listed by county. Extension services generally offer gardening tips for your area, as well as classes. Your Local college. Universities and community colleges usually offer classes openRead More →