Are you facing challenges in your personal or business life? Not sure how to navigate through a problematic situation? Need help making a difficult decision? Want someone to challenge, motivate, or inspire you to set goals and meet deadlines? Love the idea of having a professional accountability partner or someone to cheer you on? If so, you might very well benefit from hiring a life coach. But have you ever given thought to becoming one? You might want to considerRead More →

The idea of a blogging challenge is new to me. To write 31 days in a row seems monumental. The idea behind it is to have 30 new posts by the end of October (hopefully not all on the same day). I came across two events for this month: The Ultimate Blog Challenge and 31-Days (The Nesting Place). After considering many topics (motherhood, cooking, gardening, exercise, etc.), I decided to write about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), as it’s aRead More →

A conglomeration of objects piled high in all their glory could refer to a multitude of possibilities. In this case the objects consisted of some electronic parts, a crusty cake pan, a stereo speaker, and a stack of magazines with traces of coffee grounds and ketchup on the edges. As a crown to the monument was crumpled clothes and mismatched shoes that someone threw away; only whoever had gone through their closet forgot to remove a couple of Andrew Jackson’sRead More →

You have seen it before; drab wallpaper, bland color scheme, no pictures, atrocious taste in design, illogical layout, and no curb appeal whatsoever. No, I am not referring to the house for sale at the end of the block, although it may be an eyesore and you hope someone with good taste will refurbish it. I am actually referring to the all-too-pervasive uninspiring blog. While a house might take natural skill and talent to give it visual appeal and functionality,Read More →