I’m a mom of ten great kids and the wife of a hard-working man who loves us all (or puts up with us). I like the feeling that comes when I make a great dinner that’s a hit with the family. I love getting hugs from my children and grandchildren and love being on the giving end as well. I love being swept up into my husband’s arms when he comes home from work and hearing him say, “Has anyone ever told you you’re sexy?” And I laugh, “Nope. Not today.” I like making a cup of tea or bringing him a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and having him smile and tell me I’m the best wife ever. It’s not a burden to dote on him. I like doing things for him and my kids “just because.”

Things weren’t always like this. I used to be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood. Thankfully, my outlook has changed dramatically over the years, and now I find it to be a joy and pleasure to be a homemaker. I finally realized that I don’t have to give up youthfulness to be a parent. It’s okay to dig in the dirt with your kids, to skip through a mall holding hands with your daughters, or to build Lego cities with your sons (yeah, yeah, I know I’m stereotyping; but my boys really do like Legos and my girls really do like malls).

Maybe mothers who wear clothing from the junior department and sing at the top of their lungs while driving are looked at as being nerds, but that’s a title I’m proud of, especially when my husband and children tell me I’m pretty cool.

If you’re a woman whose heart is in her home, even if you have to go to work to support your family, will you join me for some fun and friendship? Embrace your destiny! You’ve invited to join the sisterhood of Nerdy Moms.


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