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Are you facing challenges in your personal or business life? Not sure how to navigate through a problematic situation? Need help making a difficult decision? Want someone to challenge, motivate, or inspire you to set goals and meet deadlines? Love the idea of having a professional accountability partner or someone to cheer you on? If so, you might very well benefit from hiring a life coach. But have you ever given thought to becoming one? You might want to considerRead More →

The following originally appeared as my guest post on Diane Lee’s website (author, writer, blogger) in her series entitled “The Secret Lives of Writers.”           Morning dawns. The robust scent of brewing coffee penetrates the fog of sleep still clouding my mind. Mmmm…coffee. Rolling out of bed with a sigh (I’m not a morning person), I step into my slippers and shuffle down the hall into the kitchen. By the time I’ve poured a steaming cup,Read More →

It’s that time of year again. Big Box and grocery stores alike began putting out their Christmas merchandise before Halloween was over. And, about the time you have some spending money and the wherewithal to go shopping, all the Christmas goodies will be gone, replaced by lawn furniture and white sales. For now, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the only turkey in your house is the two-legged one you’re highly irritated with for forgetting to get the furnace repaired lastRead More →